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滾筒轉動時:自印者群像論壇 When Printing Rollers Spin: Portraits of Self-Publishers


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CINEMA AND THE CULTURAL COLD WAR: US Diplomacy and the Origins of the Asian Cinema Network


Statelessness and Labour Exploitation

2022-06-09 - 2022-06-23

Prof Dr Leïla Choukroune, Michiel Hoornick


英國朴茨茅斯大學研究未來網路研討會 University of Portsmouth Democratic Citizenship Research Theme, Research Future Webinar Series & 國立陽明交通大學
「法律、人權與跨國勞動力流動」主題工作坊系列之三 Human Rights and Transnational Labor Mobility Workshop Series 3


無國籍與勞動剝削: 歐洲與台灣之對話

Statelessness and Labour Exploitation







  • Prof. Joyce C.H. Liu (ICCS, NYCU) 國立陽明交通大學文化研究國際中心主任 劉紀蕙教授
  • Dr. Bonny Ling, Executive Director, Work Better Innovations; Senior Non-resident Fellow, University of Nottingham Taiwan Studies Programme; Research Fellow, Institute for Human Rights and Business.


  • Prof Dr Leïla Choukroune, Professor of International Law and Director of the University of Portsmouth Thematic Area in Democratic Citizenship.
  • Michiel Hoornick, Fast Track MA/PhD candidate of International Law, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva; and External Consultant for the Institute for Statelessness and Inclusion.


  • Assoc. Prof. Yu-Fan Chiu (School of Law, NYCU) 國立陽明交通大學科技法律研究所 邱羽凡副教授


The 1954 UN Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons defines statelessness as the situation where a person “is not considered as a national by any State under the operation of its law”. Excluded from the administrative framework of the state, statelessness has very real consequences affecting the lives of the estimated 10 to 15 million stateless persons worldwide, according to varying estimates from the UN and international civil society. There is often no birth registration, marriage certificate, passport and personal ID as proofs of the person’s existence. This can make it difficult, sometimes impossible, for a stateless person to access education, healthcare and financial services. Over half of the global statelessness population are believed to be in the Asia-Pacific. This is a serious challenge, given the region’s prominence in the global supply chain and the link that exists between human trafficking and statelessness. Stateless persons often take jobs in the informal economy and work outside of labour protections. This webinar is a legal and practical discussion on the link between statelessness and labour exploitation. It is a timely examination of the legal concept of “citizenship”, as well as a discussion on the advocacy avenues available, both nationally and at the UN, to bring more awareness on the human rights situation of the world’s stateless population.



贊助單位:CHCI-GLOBAL HUMANITIES INSTITUTE 2019-2022、Andrew Mellon Foundation、教育部高等教育深耕計畫

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