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CINEMA AND THE CULTURAL COLD WAR: US Diplomacy and the Origins of the Asian Cinema Network


Contemporary Violence of State Crime and the Making of Statelessness I: The Case of Rohingya Crisis

2022-09-15 - 2023-03-15



Fall 2022 Lecture Series: Border Politics, State Logistics, and Precarious Zones

Contemporary Violence of State Crime and the Making of Statelessness I: The Case of Rohingya Crisis 


Date: 2022. 11.7


Venue: R106, HA Building 2, NYCU, 1001, Daxue Road, East District, Hsinchu City, 30010 



會議 ID:892 5661 5895


*英文演講International Conference

Language: Lecture in English (Mandarin Interpretation provided)




Since the 70s, Rohingyas have been fleeing to various countries to escape ethnic discrimination, military impetuosity, persecution, and human rights violations in Myanmar. A Buddhist-Muslim divide developed after Myanmar’s independence, resulting in a conflict between Rakhine Buddhist communities and Rohingyas, which intensified to unprecedented levels and culminated in the state-sponsored massive violence. It is not only Myanmar, but also in their asylum countries such as Bangladesh and India, where the Rohingyas find themselves subjected to discrimination and violations of their human rights.

Chair:Joyce C.H. Liu and Poonam Sharma

13:30 ~15:30 
1. "Who Makes Refugees? The Contemporary History of Responsibility" 
Speaker: Ranabir Samaddar, Distinguished Chair, Migration and Forced Migration Studies, Calcutta Research Group, India. 
Ranabir Samaddar教授,加爾各答研究組遷移及強迫遷移研究中心榮譽主席

2.The never-ending Four Cuts: The Tatmadaw's state violence - Legitimising the State Crimes: Myanmar's View on the Rohingya Crisis  
永不止息的「四斷政策」:緬甸國防軍的國家暴力 — 國家罪行合法化:緬甸對羅興亞人災難的看法
Speaker: Michał Lubina (魯米浩), 2022 Taiwan Fellowship Scholar, Taipei, ROC (Taiwan), Associate Professor, Jagiellonian University, Institute of Middle and the Far East, Kraków, Poland 


3.Bangladeshi attitudes towards the Rohingya 5 years on - Myanmar-ASEAN and hearing the voices of the (ASEAN) people on the Myanmar crisis 

Speaker: Kristina Kironska, Advocacy Director, CEIAS | Central Europe Institute of Asian Studies.
Kristina Kironska博士,歐盟亞洲研究中心宣傳主任

15: 30 - 15: 45 --- break

15:45 – 16:30 Discussion

Discussants 討論人

1.The plight of Rohingyas in India: Hindutva politics and its practices of exclusion.
Discussant: Monika Verma, doctoral candidate, Institute of Social Research and Cultural Studies, NYCU.
Monika Verma,博士候選人,國立陽明交通大學社會及文化研究所

2.The International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the Asylum Law in Taiwan 
Discussant: Bonny Ling, Senior Non-Resident Fellow at the University of Nottingham Taiwan Studies Programme; Research Fellow at the Institute for Human Rights and Business; and Advisory Board Member of the INGO Human Rights at Sea. (海報上刪掉B)
Bonny Ling博士,諾丁漢大學台灣研究學程非常駐高級研究員;工商及人權研究中心研究員;國際非牟利機構Human Rights at Sea顧問委員會成員

open discussion 





主辦單位 (Sponsor): 國立陽明交通大學文化研究國際中心、台聯大文化研究國際中心、台聯大系統亞際文化研究國際碩士學位學程

Organizer: 教育部高等教育深耕計畫  

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