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【March 11, 2024】Creating Emancipatory Futures: Filmmaking and Activism

2024-02-28 - 2024-03-26

Valerie Soe, Professor, Asian American Studies Department at San Francisco State University, USA

陽明交通大學新竹光復校區人社二館106室 R106, HA Building 2, NYCU & 線上會議室 ZOOM


Creating Emancipatory Futures: Filmmaking and Activism
活動時間 Time:
    March 11, 2024   1000-1300
實體地點 Venue :陽明交通大學新竹光復校區人社二館106室 R106, HA Building 2, NYCU
線上會議室 ZOOM online meeting room:https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83682325539?pwd=MXVVTzA2RDdVQWlCdUpzYy9aY2RFZz09

Speaker: Valerie Soe, Professor, Asian American Studies Department at San Francisco State University, USA
BIO: Valerie Soe is a filmmaker, writer, and artist whose work has won awards and exhibited at venues worldwide. Her feature documentary, LOVE BOAT: TAIWAN (2019) won the Audience Award at the Urban Nomad Film Festival in Taipei and has played to sold-out festival audiences across North America and Taiwan. She is currently in production for her feature documentary WE GO DOWN SEWING: THE AUNTIE SEWING SQUAD. Her writing has been published in books and journals including Countervisions: Asian American Film Criticism, The Palgrave Handbook of Asian Cinema; Amerasia Journal, and Asian Cinema, among others. Soe is the author of the blog beyondasiaphilia.com (recipient of a 2011 Art Writers' Grant, Creative Capital/Andy Warhol Foundation), which looks at Asian and Asian American art, film, culture, and activism. She is a Professor in the Asian American Studies Department at San Francisco State University.

Discussant: Dean Brink, Professor, Foreign Language and Literature Department, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Moderator:Joyce C.H. Liu, Director, International Center for Cultural Studies, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

Valerie Soe has created nearly two dozen experimental and documentary films that look at social and political concerns such as racism, representation, and the histories of Asians living in the United States. In this presentation, Soe will screen a selection of her short documentary films and talk about her filmmaking process and how her work intersects with issues in the Asian American community. As Robyn Magalit Rodriguez and Diane C. Fujino note, "Both study and struggle are necessary and intertwined components in our collective work toward creating emancipatory futures." This presentation explores the uses of creative praxis in working towards empowerment, liberation, and social justice.

主辦單位 Organizer:
國立陽明交通大學文化研究國際中心 ICCS-NYCU
子計畫六「藝術介入與社會行動」 MOE-SPROUT 2.0, Sub-project 6: Social Intervention and Artistic Production
Transit Asia Research Network (TARN)
台聯大系統亞際文化研究國際碩士學位學程&文化研究國際中心 IACS-UST & IICS-UST

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