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ACS Institute 2023: De-colonization in the 21st Century (Update on Keynote Speeches)


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From Social Visibility to Political Invisibility


Research Outputs Overview

Research Contribution: Allow academic work to face social issues, promote the evolution of Taiwanese society

1. Research publication.

A. Books and academic journal articles:
In 2018-2022, we published 132 journal articles in local and international journals; 230 conference articles in local and international conferences; 47 articles are published in influential SSCI, A&HCI, THCI, and TSSCI journals. 9 books and journal special issues were published through international collaboration and co-edited by our researcher. 131 international conference papers were published through group participation in 93 international conferences. 39 books that are related to the ICCS project and researchers were published through ICCS support. We also continue to support the publication of Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Router, and Renjian Thought Review, and we published a total of 27journal issues from 2018-2022.

B. Working Paper Series Online Publication:
In year 2018-2022, ICCS-WPS (with academic review system, ISSN 2707-2193) published 43online articles. Website: https://iccs.chss.nycu.edu.tw/en/wps.php

2. ICCS works on inter-Asian critical studies on areas revolving around Taiwan. We also propose cross-regional academic collaborations, in order to improve inequalities in the society.

A. Social intervention:
We promote dialogue between academia across regions and NGOs; we especially focus on urgent issues such as migrant workers, refugees, and unequal citizens; we also propose white papers that suggest policy changes.

B. Artistic intervention:
We propose all kinds of cross-regional exhibition, workshops, and documentaries.

3. ICCS supports journals such as Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Router, and Renjian Thought Review, and the online publication of Working Paper Series. All these publications demonstrate important influence and academic significance.

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