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20240311|Creating Emancipatory Futures Filmmaking and Activism


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Will this world ever be the same? & Perspectives on Palestine

2024-01-03 - 2024-03-01

【Event I】Will this world ever be the same? A series of Palestinian films with Qais Assali, Shuruq Harb & May Marei


Monday, January 15 Taipei Standard Time (GMT +8) 

14.00-15.00pm: film screening

15.00-16:30: Q&A with the filmmakers 

Location: HA Building B F106

Online meeting room: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85488256476?pwd=VWk4aUk5a1c2TW80MHhoZ1UzTzhadz09 


“We cannot divide time into distinct crises when they exist simultaneously in the body.”

@palestinewritingworkshop on Instagram


We are reflecting what Korean American poet Cathy Park Hong ruminates in Minor Feelings: “at what cost do I have this life? At what toll have I been granted this safety here? […] I didn’t live through any of it, but I’m still a descendant of those who had no time to recover; who had no time, nor permission, to reflect.”

We are also thinking on and expanding some of the questions Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish raises in Memory for Forgetfulness: what are the meanings of exile and loss? In a time of war– what is one’s role? how does one mourn? Can one mourn? What does one do to keep going everyday? And what is the relationship of writing and filmmaking (time & memory) to history (remembering is precisely a modality of forgetting)?

With love and rage, this short film screening brings together works by Palestinian filmmakers/artists Qais Assali, Shuruq Harb & May Marei, in the hope of offering a desire or an energy for the audience to continually ask questions, to think, to act and to imagine another world is possible.  - written by Hong-Kai Wang


Griever of the Sea – A tribute to Shireen Abu Aqleh (2022) by May Marei

The Kingdom (2015) by Qais Assali 

The Seventh Sarha (2017) by Qais Assali 

White Elephant (2018) by Shuruq Harb

The Jump (2021) by Shuruq Harb


Curated by: Hong-Kai Wang


International Center for Cultural Studies, NYCU, Transit Asia Research Network

International Program in lnter-Asia Cultural Studies, University System of Taiwan.

MOE-SPROUT 2.0, Conflict, Justice, Decolonization: Asia in Transition in the 21st Century, Sub-project 3: Migration, Unequal Citizens, Critical Legal Studies & Sub-project 6: Social Intervention and Artistic Production



巴勒斯坦電影放映/映後會,與 Qais Assali、Shuruq Harb 和 May Marei 的對話




人社二館 F106


文字引自Instagram 上的 @palestinewritingworkshop

我們正在反思韓裔美國詩人洪朴凱西(Cathy Park Hong)在《我受傷,故而我存在》(Minor Feelings)中所思索的:“我用什麼代價獲得了這樣的生活?我以何種代價獲得了這樣的安全……我並沒有經歷前人經歷過的,但我仍然是那些沒有時間去復原的人的後代;他們沒有時間,也沒有被允許去反省。” 

我們也在思考和擴延巴勒斯坦詩人馬哈茂德·達爾維什在《為了遺忘的記憶》(Memory for Forgetfulness)中提出的一些問題:流亡和失落的意義是什麼?在戰爭時期,作為一個人可以扮演什麼樣的角色?而寫作和拍片(時間和記憶)與歷史(記憶正是一種遺忘的方式)的關係是什麼? 懷着愛與憤怒之情,這次的短片放映匯集了巴勒斯坦電影導演/藝術家 Qais Assali、Shuruq Harb 和 May Marei 的作品,希望能够為觀眾提供一種渴望或能量,可以持續提出問題、思考、行動,並想像另一個世界是可能的。

電影放映會策劃人 : 王虹凱(Hong-Kai Wang)



Griever of the Sea (2022) by May Marei

The Kingdom (2015) by Qais Assali 

The Seventh Sarha by Qais Assali 

White Elephant (2018) by Shuruq Harb

The Jump (2021) by Shuruq Harb







Filmmaker’s Website

The Kingdom - Qais Assali

The White Elephant | IFFR

The Jump by Shuruq Harb - Jameel Arts Centre

Registration link

Film Programme & Symposium on Palestine (google.com)

*Film screening and symposium will be held in person and online. 



【Event II】Perspectives on Palestine: Dialogues on History, Humanity, and Hope.


Date:Jan 15, 2024 (Monday)

Time: 17:00 – 19:40 Taipei Standard Time (GMT +8)

Venue: Humanities Building 2 (人社二館) F106


Speakers and Panelists:

1. Hazem Almassry, from Gaza, Independent researcher, Ph.D. from Institute of Social Research and Cultural Studies, NYCU, Taiwan
2. Ruba Salih, Professor of Anthropology, University of Bologna, Italy
3. Syed Farid Alatas, Professor of Sociology, National University of Singapore, Singapore
4. Alain Brossat, Professor of Philosophy, Paris 8 University, France
5. Michael Furmanovsky, Professor of Cultural Studies, Ryukoku University, Japan


日期: 2024/1/15日(一) 

時間: 17:00 – 19:30 

地點: 陽明交大光復校區 人社二館 F106


1) 哈澤姆·阿爾瑪斯里(Hazem Almassry),來自加薩,獨立研究者,臺灣國立陽明交通大學 社會與文化研究所博士


2) 阿蘭·布羅薩特(Alain Brossat),法國巴黎第八大學哲學教授 


3) 賽法立.阿拉塔斯 (Syed Farid Alatas),新加坡國立大學社會學教授 


4) 魯巴·薩利赫(Ruba Salih),意大利波隆那大學人類學教授 


5) 邁克爾·弗曼諾夫斯基(Michael Furmanovsky),日本龍谷大學大眾文化研究教授


Coordinated by Kahlan A. Alradhi & Hanh T. L. Nguyen 
策劃人: 阮蘭欣與安凱蘭

Registration link:Film Programme & Symposium on Palestine (google.com)

Event Overview (BLURB for the symposium)

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.” – Howard Zin


This symposium, "Perspectives on Palestine: Dialogues on History, Humanity, and Hope", dives into the urgent examination of the dire political and humanitarian situation in Palestine, particularly surrounding the Israeli military assault on the Gaza Strip that unfolded subsequent to the "Al-Aqsa" operation conducted by Hamas on October 7, 2023.

The bombardment unleashed by Israel through land, air, and sea has ruthlessly targeted Gaza's population, inflicting catastrophic consequences with approximately 22,000 casualties, up to January 2nd, 2024, predominantly among women and children. Alarming estimates from UNRWA indicate that a million people have been displaced, precipitating a collapse in the health sector and giving rise to an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe. In the face of such devastation, we cannot turn a blind eye to the human toll on innocent lives.

We strive to foster an unwavering sense of empathy, kindle the flames of compassion, and instill a genuine desire for the well-being of every individual ensnared by the ongoing situation. Together, let us confront the harsh realities and pave the way for a future where hope triumphs over despair.


“沒有任何旗幟能大到可掩蓋殺害無辜人民的恥辱。” – 霍華德.辛




Speaker’s Bio 講者簡介

Dr. Hazem Almassry
Is from Gaza and an independent researcher with a doctorate degree in social research and cultural studies from National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan. He specializes in Middle East issues, particularly the Arab Spring and its social, political, and economic impacts, with a focus on democratic transition. He also researches political Islam movements and their influence on public life in the Arab world. Dr. Almassry has been invited to speak at institutes in Taiwan on his areas of expertise.

Prof. Ruba Salih 
Is a Professor of Anthropology at the Department of the Arts, University of Bologna, Italy. From 2010-2022 she was based at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. Her research interests and writing cover transnational migration and diasporas across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Islam and gender, the Palestine question and refugees, trauma and conflict in the Middle East. She has been an elected Member of the Board of the Trustees of the Arab Council for the Social Sciences from 2015 to 2019. She has been a visiting scholar at Brown University, at the University of Cambridge, and at the University of Venice, Ca’ Foscari, Italy.

Prof. Syed Farid Alatas
Is a Professor of Sociology at the National University of Singapore, Singapore. He lectured at the University of Malaya in the Department of Southeast Asian Studies prior to joining NUS. His areas of interest are historical sociology, the sociology of social science, the sociology of religion, and inter-religious dialogue. He has many books and research published and translated into several languages. His research interests span Philosophy of Social Science, Sociological Theory, and Political Economy.

Prof. Alain Brossat
Is a philosopher. He is an emeritus professor at the Paris 8 University Vincennes-Saint-Denis. He is the author of many books, notably The Term of Disaster, The Body of the Enemy, and To End the Prison. His research principally involves political philosophy and contemporary philosophy, with the main axes being violence and politics, forms of modern violence, state(s), political systems, totalitarian powers, genocides, and civil war(s).

Prof. Michael Furmanovsky 
Is a Professor of Cultural Studies at Ryukoku University, Japan. He grew up in the close-knit Jewish community of Zimbabwe as the child of a Lithuanian Jewish immigrant and a German-Jewish mother. He lived in Israel for a year in the 1970s and hitchhiked through the West Bank. Although his academic work is in Japan Studies, he has been following the Israeli-Palestine conflict and has been personally affected by it, for over 50 years

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