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ACS 2023夏季學校:21世紀的解殖計畫【更新主題演講】


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From Social Visibility to Political Invisibility



文化研究國際中心 博士後研究員(2021/1-)



協助規劃國際會議,共同執行2023 ACS Institute;參與子計畫三,執行個人計畫:研究數位監控和審查,及其對身體意識和行為的影響—亞洲各地一連串抗議運動的語境為參照。




Crossing Rivers and Lakes: The Art of Everyday Life in Contemporary China



北京大學中國當代藝術檔案研究員;執行策展 2021年巡迴展覽「線性」




視覺文化;政治的;媒體與科技;說故事;(表演) 行為






「迷因」民族誌; 德國「未來寓言」參展藝術家



2017 PhD in Socio-Cultural Anthropology from Columbia University, USA(awarded in 2018)
2012 M. Phil in Socio-Cultural Anthropology, Columbia University
2009-2011 Master of Arts in Socio-Cultural Anthropology, Columbia University
2002-2005 Bachelor of Arts (Honours), University of Melbourne, Australia Majors: Political Science/History

Research Appointments

2021-present Postdoctoral Fellow at International Center for Cultural Studies, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
2018-20 Postdoctoral Fellow at Peking University, PRC
2012-4 Research and Consultancy for Prof. Michael Dutton at Goldsmiths College, London, United Kingdom
2006-7 Researched and Co-authored book Beijing Time (Harvard University Press)
2004 Internship in the Parliament of Victoria, Australia
2003 Internship in the Museum of Victoria, Australia

Teaching Fellowships

Spring 2015 – Introduction to Twenty-first Century Archaeology
Fall 2014 – Film and Culture
Spring 2012 – Anthropology of Estrangement
Fall 2011 – Ancient Empires
Spring 2011 – Introduction to Twenty-first Century Archaeology
Fall 2010 – Film and Culture

Reviewer for International Journals

positions: asia critique
Theory, Culture & Society

Art Practice and Curation

2019 — present – Art collaboration with artist Li Zifeng
2019 — Anthropologist & Assistant Curator for Huang Yugang’s Solo Art Exhibition Notes
from the Field held in Minsheng Gallery, Beijing, China
2014 — Anthropologist-in-Residence at Spring 2014 Co-Art Festival, Lijiang, Yunnan
Province, People’s Republic of China

Seminar Series Organization

September - December 2016 – Taiwan Seminar Series at Columbia University

Honors and Awards

Autumn 2018 – International Exchange Scholars (Top 100) Fund Grant, PRC
Summer 2016 – Weatherhead East Asian Institute PhD Training Grant, USA
Summer 2015 – Weatherhead East Asian Institute PhD Training Grant, USA
Summer 2011 – Weatherhead East Asian Institute PhD Training Grant, USA
Summer 2010 – Daniel and Mariane Spiegel Fund Grant, USA
Summer 2010 – Sasakawa Young Leader Fellows Fund Grant, USA

Talks and Conferences

2021 - Presented a talk “Art in the age of big data: decoding the lines of Li Zi-Fong” at Rotary Club, Taiwan.
2019 – Presented a talk “Decoding Surveillance Assemblages: How to read Li Zi-Fong’s Lines and Hong Kong’s Eyes” at the Third International Conference on Deleuze and Artistic Research (DARE) at Orpheus Institute, Ghent, Belgium.
2018 – Presented a talk “Crossing Rivers and Lakes: The Art of Everyday Life in Contemporary China” at a community organised event in Taranto, Italy.
2015 – Presented a talk “Crossing Rivers and Lakes: The Art of Everyday Life in Contemporary China” as part of the Sheldon Scheps Memorial Workshop Series at Columbia University, New York.
2014 – Presented a talk on Long Reading in Lijiang, China.
2014 – Discussed in a forum Anthropology, Art, Method in Lijiang, China.
2014 – Attended and addressed at press conference for Artist Residency at the Shuhe Art Festival in Lijiang, China.
2014 – Addressed in seminar Beyond Baimiao Project in Beijing, China.
2013 – Participated in the First International Deleuze Studies in Asia Conference and Camp, Taipei.
2012 – Invited to present paper “Crossing Rivers and Lakes: Mimesis, Tactic, Flow” in Culture as Critical Theory conference in Academia Sinica, Taipei.
2010 – Participated in conference Anthropological Futures at Academia Sinica, Taipei.
2009 – Presented a talk on co-authored book Beijing Time at National Tsinghwa University, Taiwan.

Selected Publications and Translations

Forthcoming, 2021: Chapter “Assemblage Line and Tactical Fluidity” in edited book Schizoanalysis of Post-Media for the series Schizoanalytic Applications for London: Bloomsbury Academic.
2020: “ Decoding Surveillance Assemblages: How to read Li Zi-Fong’s Lines and Hong Kong’s Eyes” in Machinic Assemblages of Desire. Deleuze and Artistic Research 3. Leuven: Leuven University Press.
2020: “Linea di assemblaggio: Le linee di visione di Li Zi-Fong e Zhang Shiran” in il fico rosso numero zero, Italy, pp. 55-66.
2019: Translation (Chinese to English) of journal article “Friendly relations between China and Iran: A Historical Survey” in Lishi Yanjiu, no. 7 July Issue, pp. 72-82, 1978.
2019: Translation of Art Catalogue for Group Exhibition On Paperï Supreme curated by Chang Feng.
2016: Translation (Chinese to English) of Essay by renowned poet Yu Xinqiao “The Kind of Paintings In Need of Translation: An Essay on Zhu Weibin And His Paintings Based On The Phenomenon of Line Series in The Interwoven Jungle: Zhu Weibin’s The Phenomenon of Line Series. Beijing: Ning Space.
2012: Hsiu-ju Stacy Lo, “A Flight of Fancy” in journal Anthropology and Humanism vol. 37 no. 1 June Issue, pp. 100-104(5) (available online and in print).
2008: Michael Dutton, Hsiu-ju Stacy Lo & Dong Dong Wu. Beijing Time. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press.