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Pandemic Politics: Disruption and (Re)action



Pandemic Politics: Disruption and (Re)action


At the time of writing the articles in this special issue of Pandemic Politics - Disruption and (Re)action, the world was still under the grip of the coronavirus. Infection rates were increasing sharply around the world as governments scrambled to contain the spread of the virus through measures such as curfews and lockdowns. Economies were on the verge of collapse as economic activity came to a halt. People took to the streets to protest against inequalities, poverty, and exclusion exposed by the pandemic. The articles in this special issue examine how the pandemic ‘hit the ground’ across Asia and other parts of the world. While reading these articles, we encourage readers to pay attention to how some of the trends and issues pointed out are not new at all. Rather, the virus seems to have brought these trends and issues to the foreground, along with the power regimes that kept them in the background. 

Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado’s article focuses on his personal experience of the pandemic during his travel to India. His article reflects on how the pandemic enabled identity rearticulations, consolidated antagonistic discourses, and reinforced hegemonic struggles. The article by Li Qi discusses the experiences of Africans in South China during the pandemic. Her article exposes the racism experienced by many Africans as the pandemic, which in Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado’s words, consolidated antagonistic discourses. Dr. Poonam Sharma’s article discusses the migrant experience in India during the government-mandated lockdown. Her article shows how the pandemic exacerbated the already perilous conditions of migrant workers. Hanh T. L. Nguyen’s article shares the experience of a Vietnamese migrant worker in Taiwan. Her interview with the migrant worker provides a glimpse of how the pandemic affected migrant workers working in Taiwanese factories. Lungani Hlongwa’s article examines the effect of the pandemic on gig workers. His article shows how the pandemic added to the precariousness of gig workers who were on the frontline of the pandemic.

There are also articles in this issue that focus on how specific governments handled the pandemic. Nguyen Thi Trang’s article discusses the success of the Vietnamese government in handling the pandemic. Her article further shows how social media was used to raise public awareness and curtail the spread of the virus. On the other hand, Fernan Talamayan’s article explores an issue that was particularly endemic to the Global South. Looking at the case of the Philippines, his article discusses how the lack of data on the spread of the virus led to government indecision. Finally, Lim Jian Xing’s article examines how the Malaysian government handled the migrant situation. His article problematizes the framing of migrant communities as a “loophole in pandemic prevention.” The articles in this issue thus cover a wide range of topics under the umbrella of Pandemic Politics. We hope that readers will find them both insightful and motivating to conduct further research on pandemic politics. 

Table of Contents

General Preface
About CJD
Pandemic Politics: Disruption and (Re)action

1. The Corona Virus Interregnum
Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado
2. State Regulation, Pandemic, and Africans in South China
3. The ‘Turmoil’ of Internal Migration in India during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Dr. Poonam Sharma
4. A Conversation with a Vietnamese Migrant Worker in Taiwan During the COVID-19 pandemic
Hanh T. L. Nguyen
5. The Politics of Gig Work in Times of COVID-19
Lungani Hlongwa 
6. The Reaction of the Government, Social Media and Citizens in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Lesson from Vietnam
Nguyen Thi Trang
7. Statistical (In)capacity and Governmental (In)decisions: The Philippines in the Time of COVID-19
Fernan Talamayan
8. 不被看見及被看見的身體-疫情下的大馬非公民群體
Lim Jian Xing

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