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From Social Visibility to Political Invisibility


Rada 1081 Prof. Rada Ivekovic Course Title:The epochal issue of migrations. The cosmopolitics of state closure. (The closure of Europe)

2019-10-17 - 2019-11-21

Course Title:The epochal issue of migrations. The cosmopolitics of state closure. (The closure of Europe)
Instructor: Prof. Rada Ivekovic
Course Schedule:Course start from 2019/10/17-11/21,Thursday 10:00-13:00
Class Room : HA Building3  104 R
Credit: 1 credit

The course will analyse post-Cold War (post 1989) political conditions, border closures in Europe, the pushing back of migrants, the difficult integration after the “Transition”, the gap between east and western Europe, prevailing populisms and fascist revivals hostile to immigration, a rejection that takes place both at the level of states and of societies.

Classes will be delivered in English; references quoted by the students will be in the original and in English.


1.      All students will provide 1-2 pages of memo and questions/comments to the teacher relative to her talks every week, i.e. 4-5 times each.

2.      All will read and comment beforehand the titles prescribed for each week (2-3 pages maximum) in order to briefly show that they have read the texts or seen the documentaries.

3.       All will write a final paper of a maximum of 5 pages for at the latest the last session (but some may be able to do it earlier) at which some of those papers can be read and discuss. The teacher will subsequently read them all and respond individually to those who haven’t had a chance to exchange. It is expected that students do a lot of searching on Internet around the topics proposed, and that they bring in other examples too.

Most of the recommended readings can be had online as indicated, and some can be gotten as PDF from the teacher on demand. Students will probably not be able to read all (which means they have a choice), but they should read at least something from each group of papers/for each session, and report on what they have read. It is hoped that they will study different papers, so that they can inform each other on alternative readings. Except for the first session, papers rendered will primarily be concerned with readings prescribed for each date. But students may want to do their initial reading in preparation for the first class on their own without having yet met the teacher. This will enable a discussion from the beginning.

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