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20240311|Creating Emancipatory Futures Filmmaking and Activism


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2021-05-17 - 2021-05-17

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主題Topic:想像一種感官地理與跨時性Making A Haptic Geography and Intertemporality

講者Speaker:王虹凱Hong-Kai Wang (藝術家 Artist)

主持人Moderator: 劉紀蕙教授Prof. Joyce C.H. Liu

英文演講 Lecture in English

演講介紹Lecture Introduction

藝術創作者王虹凱將分享她二項創作計畫《Hazzeh》& 《Borom》,探究在這世界的各種頻率網絡裡,從未被聽過、從未被重複述說過、卻仍可被理解的語言究竟是什麼?革命?生存的必要性?人與土地和其他主體之間難以分割的關係?距離與差異要如何產生意想不到的基進連繫?長期試問這些問題,她受邀前往約旦、巴勒斯坦與南韓濟州進行創作。

Hong-Kai Wang will talk about her two recent art projects Hazzeh and Borom respectively produced in Jordan, Palestine, and Jeju, South Korea. She asks tirelessly: how does one root in places one doesn't visibly belong? And what does it mean when one can? What is it that can connect one to the sound of a language one has never spoken? What if revolution or the drive to survive is one of those languages never heard, never iterated, yet understood? And how do distance and difference connect radically? Both projects play with various frequencies in the world that connect humans not only to the other humans but also to the land and other living beings across different times and geographies. (In part excerpted from Övül Durmuşoğlu’s text on Hazzeh.)

講者簡介Speaker Bio

王虹凱生於臺灣虎尾,畢業於國立台灣大學、美國紐約新社會研究學院,目前為奧地利維也納藝術學院PhD in Practice博士候選人。其調研取向創作關注殖民與離散的勞動和基進歷史,透過「聽」的政治,探討權力、生存經歷和歷史交錯點上被遮蔽、排除或消失的知識和實踐,以表演、聲音、工作坊、裝置、出版等形式,實驗不同的聆聽與聚集模式,探觸時/空交錯中欲望生成、共存想像和知識維度之間複雜與多變的關係。

Born in Huwei, Taiwan, Hong-Kai Wang is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher and educator based in Taipei. She is currently a PhD in Practice candidate at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Wang’s research-based practice confronts the politics of knowledges lost in colonial and diasporic encounters at the intersection of lived experience, power, and “listening.” Through experimental modes of sonic sociality, her multidisciplinary work seeks to conceive of other time-spaces that critically interweave the production of desire, histories of labor, economies of co-habitation, and formations of knowledge.

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