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「東協-中國」連帶下的媒介文化與地緣政治 系列講座
The Sino-ASEAN Infrastructural Nexus: Media, Culture, Geopolitics Lecture Series

   Herding Cats: 
   Collective Action and Commitment Challenges 
   in ASEAN’s China Approach

東協與中國的關係並不完全屬於雙邊關係的範疇。東協是許多不同國家的集合,儘管聲稱具有中心地位,仍須在共識、不干預和自治的基礎上合作,東協成員國還必須克服與中國互動時可能出現的各種政治分歧,以及潛在的反殖民甚至反華情緒。集團對中國採取任何立場或安排,都首先必須克服這些多層次的集體行動、協調和承諾問題。 東盟為緩解緊張局勢和避免成員之間衝突而放緩的決策過程,可以防止該組織成員被包括中國在內的大國強迫採取立場,例如,避免在美國和中國之間做出選擇,以迴避可能招致大國反擊的艱難決定。然而,當美中競爭加劇時,這種緩慢而阻滯的方法也阻礙了東盟採取主動並創造條件,以實現更具實質意義的自治。

ASEAN-China relations do not fit neatly within the rubric of bilateral ties, unlike the set of dyadic interactions examined in this collection. ASEAN is a disparate collection of states that sometimes work with each other on the basis of consensus, non-intervention, and autonomy, claims about centrality notwithstanding. Domestically, ASEAN members also have to navigate various political cleavages and latent anti-colonial, even anti-Chinese, sentiments that can emerge when interacting with China. Any position or arrangement the grouping undertakes with respect to China has to first overcoming these multi-level collective action, coordination, and commitment problems.
ASEAN’s unwieldy policy-making process, born from an initial desire to deescalate tensions and avoid conflict among members, can prevent the group and its members from being forced to take positions by major powers, including China. This is exemplified by ASEAN’s repeated claims of wanting to avoid a choice between the United States and China to sidestep difficult decisions that may invite major power blowback. Yet, this slow and halting approach also stymies ASEAN’s ability to take initiative and establish conditions that enable meaningful autonomy when US-China competition is intensifying. This paper explains why this phenomenon persists despite the growing risks it poses to ASEAN and its relations with China.

 Lecture in English (Chinese Interpretation provided)


主持人 Moderator:楊子樵 Lawrence Yang
講 者 Speaker:莊嘉穎 Chong Ja Ian
時 間 Time:12/10 14:00-17:00
地 點 Venue:線上演講 ZOOM


莊嘉穎,新加坡國立大學副教授,著作〈建國與國際政治– 近代中印泰主權國家建構比較史(1893-1952) 〉(劍橋大學出版社,2012年) 獲國際研究協會國際安全研究組2013年度最佳書獎。論文可見於《中國季刊》、《歐洲國際關係》、《國際安全》、《安全研究》等期刊。

Speaker Information
Dr. Chong Ja Ian (Associate Professor, National University of Singapore) focuses his teaching and research on international relations, especially IR theory, security, Chinese foreign policy, and international relations in the Asia-Pacific. Of particular interest to me are issues that stand at the nexus of international and domestic politics, such as influences on nationalism and the consequences of major power competition on the domestic politics of third countries.
He is the author of External Intervention and the Politics of State Formation: China, Indonesia, Thailand, 1893-1952 (Cambridge, 2012), a recipient of the 2013 International Security Studies Section Book Award from the International Studies Association. His publications appear in the China Quarterly, European Journal of International Relations, International Security, Security Studies, and other journals.


主辦單位 / Organizers
International Center for Cultural Studies, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Institute of Social Research and Cultural Studies, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

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International Institute for Cultural Studies, University System of Taiwan (IICS-UST)
International Masters Program in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, University System of Taiwan (IACS-UST)

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